We can offer a wide range of engineering service in the field of wind energy and solar energy. Drop us an email for more information.


Consultancy on wind energy

  • Design of small wind turbines (up to 14 m diameter): components selection and load calculation according to IEC61400-2.
  • 3D design and detailed engineering of all mechanical elements. Manufacturing drawings.
  • Design of control system for stall and pitch regulated wind turbines (schematics, PLC software, custom electronic boards).
  • Consultancy on wind turbine safety, refurbishment, performance.
  • Wind turbine power performance measurements according to IEC61400-12-1 and IEC61400-12-2 standards.






Consultancy and products for Solar tracking

  • Design and manufacturing of control systems for Sun position tracking for Photovoltaic.
  • Solar tracking control systems for CSP (concentrated solar power) – parabolic trough – Check out the dedicated website













Who we are

Giorgio Demurtas

Electrical engineer,  M.Sc. and PhD in Wind Energy by DTU Wind Energy, RISØ, Denmark.

I am a passion driven electrical engineer with a broad knowledge in renewable energy technologies. Naturally gifted to deal with technical problems with an attitude of concreteness and economy of solutions, I am a strong communicator and excellent at explaining complex matters in a simple way. I like to get things done and I am well organized, creative, self-assured, even-tempered and resistant to stress. I am happy of opening the way on difficult tasks and I like to take responsibility on projects and people.

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Drew Gertz

Mechanical engineer, blade design specialist.

  • Wind turbine loads and performance specialist + project manager.
  • 5+ years of industry experience (DTU Wind energy, Siemens wind power)
  • Loads and performance calculations with aero-elastic codes (FAST (NREL), HAWC2 (DTU)) according to IEC61400-1 and simplified load modelling according to IEC61400-2.
  • Airfoil and blade design.
  • Technology development project management.

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