Our mission is to facilitate the transition of the World to green energy, by providing control systems for solar plants that can help our customers increase their revenue and reduce costs.

The company pursues a strategy of sustainable business and aims to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels and raise the stability in the supply of electricity with reliable long-term prices. We are adopting a leading position worldwide in the market for solar-thermal power plants. High-quality service and innovative service for parabolic trough power plants have made us pioneers in this field.

Startak’s core business is comprised of┬áthe integration of solar tracking system with parabolic trough power plants using our own innovative technology. The intensive work of product development supported by InnovationFund Denmark has brought to carry out a system with features of reliability and performance that make it the best of its category.

PreciSun under test at the PROMES-CNRS laboratory in Odeillo, France.