Solar tracking system for PV

Our control system Easytrack can drive any type of solar tracker of large photovoltaic installations.

  • One axis PV trackers with back-tracking
  • One axis trackers (inclined)
  • Two axis trackers

Installation is made in 3 simple steps:

  1. Mount the Sun direction sensor on a side of your solar panel or mirror.
  2. Connect Sun sensor, motors and power supply to the controller.
  3. Turn on the power supply.


12 years of controllers: zero failures

When an investment in solar energy has been done, the most important goal is to produce as much energy as possible and to reduce the unexpected that can occur in the next 20 years.

Thanks to 12 years of experience in design of solar tracking control systems, we have developed EasyTrack, a controller which lets to achieve easily high tracking accuracy and smooth operation.

EasyTrack has simplified the complex.

  • Tracking accuracy: 0,5°
  • Reliability > 10 year proven on the field
  • Plug&Play installation
  • No complex PLC configuration
  • No skilled people required for the installation and standard operation
  • Display for monitoring the technical parameters measured by the sensors, and for personalising the settings of the controller.

We offer to our customers solutions personalized based on the specific needs.



Field of view of the Sun direction sensor: 140°x140°
Sensor: IP65, Anti-UV plastic.
Controller outputs: 24 Vdc motors (protected, 10 A), hydraulic, custom.
User interface: LCD display and 6 buttons
Power supply 10-36 Vdc, 1W (standby)


Communication: USB, RS485 Modbus, wireless ZigBee mesh. Wind speed protection.
Motor current monitoring.
Self powered version.
Battery voltage monitoring.
Temperature sensors.
Differential thermostat out.