The Team

Startak is a company working in the solar energy sector. We help CSP plants to increase the electric energy production by increasing the solar tracking accuracy.

The company was born in 2016 with the goal to accelerate the development and the competitiveness of concentrated solar power around the world.


Giorgio Demurtas: CEO and founder Giorgio is a brilliant and innovative Ph.D student from the DTU (Danmarks Tekniske Universitet) department of Wind Energy. His passion for electrical and electronic devices has started since he was a child. That is why, between the BSc. and the MSc. he opened his own company, “Piccole centrali” gaining 6 years of experience in the field of solar energy. He worked on photovoltaic plants design and installation (14 PV plants, overall 115 kW). Startak was born from his desire to provide optimal solutions for the industry, to improve plants efficiency in energy production.


Fabio Arrighi:  Specialized in renewable energy technologies and thermodynamic systems, he has gained experience working previously as project manager for solar power plant projects, plant engineer for supervising the installation of electrical and mechanical plants and R&D for hydrogen energy storage. Prone to an intelligent and sustainable use of the resources, he wants to give an active contribute to the energy transition to a 100% sustainable world. Right now he is exploiting his thermodynamic skills in order to quantify all the potential tracking improvement of  CSP plants