Solar tracking systems for CSP

Concentrated solar power is a technology with a strong potential. High temperature heat can be generated with high energy conversion efficiency even when the ambient temperature is low. Moreover, the possibility to store the heat inside heat storage tanks lets to generate electricity 24 hours a day or thermal energy for industrial or civil purposes.
However, CSP technology requires extremely high precision and accuracy in order to achieve an acceptable efficiency.
Through an experience gained in years of trials, failures, tests and improvement, Startak has developed a Sun direction tracking controller which is the most precise on the market (0.003°).

1-Axis Tracking solution: PreciSun

PreciSun is the solar tracking controller designed for big Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants that require high precision in order to carry out high performance.
The controller is powered with 24Vdc. Our Sun direction sensor mounted on the side of the mirror needs to be calibrated and after that, it will track the Sun with high accuracy (0.003°) also in case of small settlements of the ground.  



1/2-axes tracking solution: ThermoTrack

ThermoTrack is the solar tracking controller thought for small CSP that require at the same time a tracking solution and the temperature control (optional).
The controller is powered with 24 Vdc and can control motors up to 1 A (10 A is available as option). There are two levels of tracking accuracy available basing on the customer’s requirements.
A Sun direction sensor is mounted on the side of the absorber surface. The controller receives a signal from this latter and controls the motor/s.