Solar tracking systems for PV

Thanks to Startak tracking controllers it is possible to increase the performance of a photovoltaic power plant keeping at the same time a high level of reliability.
With our 1-axis solution, it is possible to boost up to 25% the energy output compared with a fixed-tilt structure. With our 2-axes solution, the increment goes up to 40%. Our products are the result of 10 years of research, failures, improvement, test on site and more than 80 installations.

1-Axis Tracking solution: TrackerMaster

TrackerMaster is the new 1-axis solar tracking controller designed for large PV plants. The controller is powered with 24 Vdc, and can control motors up to 10 A. This controller includes remote control from a computer and the wind protection. The backtracking is optimized thanks to the sensors mounted on the side of the panels. TrackerMaster requires low maintenance, it is user friendly and has a competitive price.



1/2-Axis Tracking solution: EasyTrack

EasyTrack is the solar tracking controller meant for medium size PV plants. The controller is powered with 24 Vdc and can control motors up to 10 A. An LCD display with push buttons for manual control and parameters reading makes it an easy device to deal with.
The controller position the panels in the safety position in case of strong wind. Remote monitoring and control is possible using the standard wifi interface or RS485 (modbus).



1/2-Axis Tracking solution: MiniTrack

MiniTrack is the low-cost version of EasyTrack, designed for small PV plants. It is a fully functional and versatile controller, but with less functionalities than the EasyTrack. The controller is powered 12-30 Vdc, and can control motors up to 1 A, at the same voltage of the supply voltage.
The use of the controller is easy and intuitive, thanks to the LCD display that shows in every moment the status of the controller. Manual control is with 6 buttons: automatic, manual, up, down, east, west. MiniTrack is the perfect controller for small companies, solar energy enthusiast, and all of those who approach for the first time a tracking controller. To protect your PV from the strong wind, it is available as option a cup anemometer to connect with the controller.