Startak is specialized in manufacturing solar tracking controllers for CSP and PV facilities. Our technology is based on a Sun direction sensor designed by us which allows to follow the Sun with high accuracy and low cost. The proved reliability in the years of operation makes our product perfect for long term investments.
Our technology has been developed since 2006. To date we have about 80 solar tracking systems in Italy, Brazil, Romania, Netherland, which have been operating for more than 10 years with various technologies (1 and 2 axis photovoltaic, CPV, large and small CSP linear concentrators).
The basic operating principle of our control systems, is the direct sensing of the light by using the sensors we design.
The controller reads the signals from the sensor, and trough a sophisticated algorithmn controls the tracker movements to optimize the energy harvest and minimize motor ware.

Benefits of our Sun tracking system:

  • More energy production
  • Flexible configuration options
  • Easy operation
  • Plug&play installation (no configuration required)
  • Motor soft-start to reduce motor wear
  • Suitable for all solar technologies, any frame geometry and any actuator type
  • Extensive customer support