“Operator of concentrated solar power plants” completed

Two of our engineers completed the course “Operator of concentrated solar power plants”, taught by ENEA (Italy) and Renovetec (Spain). The SolarCV course, 200 hours, focused on large scale CSP plants (50 MW) employing parabolic trough collectors, thermal oil in the solar field, and molten salts in the heat storage.

“We gained a lot of new insight regarding the operation of concentrated solar power plants, which combined with our expertise in automation system and thermodynamic makes us the ideal partner for optimization and control of solar plants.“. Giorgio Demurtas, CEO of Startak.

The course explained in detail the design criteria, function and working conditions of each main component of the power plant. The course consisted in 11 units, at the end of which there was a quiz, one theoretical exercise and an engineering exercise.

The completion of the course allows to fully understand the thermodynamic processes involved in the CSP plant, the critical points of the components and the important aspects to consider during the design, start-up, operation and shut-down of the plant.


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