Sun tracking control system for PV


With this control system for solar trackers you maximize your return on investment by cutting installation time and maintenance cost. Our controller makes sure that your panels are pointing the Sun at best in any weather condition to maximize the energy production, and minimize the energy spent to move the tracker.

Universal: Our Sun position tracking controller works on any solar tracker with any solar technology thanks to the use of the Sun direction sensor. Moreover, it is very easy to install. There is no need for encoders and inclinometers to measure the position of the solar tracker since our innovative sensor does everything for you.

Plug & play: The installation is straight forward. Once you have connected the motor wires and fixed the sensor on the side of you solar tracker you are ready to go: no configuration required whatsoever. Of course if you want to personalize your tracker (for example change the tracking interval) you can do it, by simply connecting a PC with a USB cable.


  • Easy to install, Flexible, Reliable, competitive price.
  • 3° to 0.005° accuracy.
  • Measure of the Sun radiation up to 2000 W/m².
  • Sensor based and/or astronomic tracking technology.
  • Optional wind speed protection and remote monitoring.


We have several versions of the electronic board available, or we can make a new design according to your specifications. So just drop us an email specifying your needs (type of motors, size of trackers, location, accuracy requirements) and we will be back to you shortly with information and competitive prices. We also have a high accuracy Sun tracking solution for large parabolic troughs.




Sun tracking controllers we have made

We have a 10 years long track record in providing solutions for Sun position tracking. Here you can see some photos of systems delivered to customers in the past.

We have made extensive research and identified the best materials to ensure a reliable operation of the solar tracking controller for a long time, and today, you can benefit of all those improvements.

Customer’s experience:

My solar tracker has never stopped operation since February 2009. I never did any electrical or mechanical maintenance. “Mario I.”.


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