Early projects

List of about 100 electronic circuits I build since when I was 12 years old. Also check my recent projects.

display7seg_0-9_diodi.jpg (27528 byte)

7-segment display combinator circuit. It shows numbers 0 to 9 in a 7-segments display when connecting the wire to the tabs 0 to 9.

June 1998 (I was 12 years old)

ricevitoreAM_mio.jpg (29397 byte)

AM radio receiver

October 1999

Flashing lamp with a single transistor

October 1999

lamp_altern.jpg (41585 byte)

Alternate flashing of two lamps

October 1999

lamp_4luci_sequenza.jpg (30819 byte)

Four lamps flashing in sequence

November 1999

semaforo_a_led.jpg (29988 byte)

LED traffic light

November 1999

1o_circuito_cancello_automatico2.jpg (102067 byte)

Automatic gate control, manage the motor and limit switches with a relay logic. Made in occasion of the contest “half million lire for an idea” during the science festival in Cagliari. I won the second price, I was 14 years old.

November 2000

scintille2.jpg (20910 byte)

Generator of long electric sparks.

January 2001

ampli1_zip.jpg (14336 byte)

2x10W amplifier with a TDA2003

June 2002

Power supply, 1.2V to 15V, 1A – with LM317

December 2002

FotoAmpli10W-TDA2002.jpg (19036 byte)

10W aplifier, 12V 4-8 ohm with TDA2002 (4 uguali)

February 2003

int_c.jpg (25020 byte)

Dark activated switch (2 identical)

March 2003

generatore_24V_0-20mA.jpg (22280 byte)

0-20 mA signal generator and 24 Vdc power supply

April 2003

parcheggio_a2.jpg (75658 byte)

Automatic gate control for a car parking with counting the number of available slots.

May/June 2003

MiniRTXinfra.jpg (29772 byte)

Mini infrared barrier (with the help of Vittorio Crapella)

July 2003

ampli_TDA2005.jpg (33871 byte) 20W amplifier, 12V 4 ohm, with TDA2005

August 2003

regPWMpro.jpg (55949 byte)

PWM regulator (prototype)

October 2003

reg_lampade.jpg (19729 byte)

Incandescent lamp regulator

October 2003

schedaTriacPresepe.jpg (67982 byte)

Board to control the lamp intensity of the Christmas crib (ITIS G. Marconi)

December 2003

Control system of the Christmas crib with PLC.
December 2003
alimetatore12v.jpg (74355 byte)

Power supply 12Vcc, 12Vac 4A

December 2003

minipippo_mio.jpg (17874 byte)

PIC programmer (Minipippo)

December 2003

motorino_mio_cc.p.jpg (32103 byte)

DC motor (demonstrative)

January 2004

circuito_supercar-.jpg (18086 byte)

Supercar effect” with 8 LEDs and a microcontroller PIC16F84
(The circuit mounted in the scooter)

February 2004

bromV_aperto_s.jpg (15883 byte)

Bromograph to make printed circuit boards

February-March 2004

ministrobo.jpg (36400 byte)

Strobo flash light for discoteque

March 2004

prototipoPICeLCD.jpg (34937 byte)

Use of a PLC display with a microcontroller programmed in assembler.

April 2004

strobo.jpg (64719 byte)

Disco strobo flash (housing is al old ATX power supply case).

May 2004

ampli_20W.jpg (43093 byte)

20W with TDA2005 (same as the one made in August 2003)

May 2004

Psychedelic lamps controller (prototype)

May 2004

TX-AMconTTL.jpg (29919 byte)

AM transmitter with 1 MHz ttl oscillator

June 2004

BFdalineaTEL.jpg (24446 byte)

Audio signal from telephone line

June 2004

passopasso1-.jpg (66698 byte)

Control of a unipolar stepper motor with a PIC micro

June 2004

ampli10W4.jpg (36404 byte)

10W amplifier with a TDA2002

June 2004

stato linea tel.jpg (26479 byte)

Telephone line state indicator.

July 2004

controllo_passopasso1.jpg (42715 byte)

Control of a unipolar stepper motor with a PIC micro

July 2004

rxAM_franco.jpg (40028 byte)

AM receiver with variable inductance tuner. Detector diode is OA91 (thanks to Franco Bachetti IS0VSU for giving me the kit)

August 2004

centralina_luci_v1.jpg (64925 byte)

Psychedelic lamps controller (finished after many trial and improvements to obtain the desired light effect)

August 2004

Lamps holders of the psychedelic lamps.
August 2004

countDown_pic16f84_7seg.jpg (120917 byte)

Count down, with a PIC and a 7 segment display.

August 2004

Siren for anti theft (intalled in my scooter).   componentscopper traces

August 2004

mic_preamp.jpg (48879 byte)

Pre-amplified microphone

August 2004

reg_pwm_.jpg (36855 byte)

PWM Regulator

August 2004

pro_contaKm.jpg (47935 byte)

Prototype odometer for my scooter

August 2004 (only hardware)

pic_prog_f.jpg (41280 byte)

Universal PIC and i2c eeprom programmer

November 2004

imp_ele_caldaia.jpg (53469 byte)

Electric installation for a 35 kW biomass boiler.

November 2004

Lamps of a Chrismas crib controlled with a PIC Micro.

December 2004

conta_km_gd.jpg (64964 byte)

Digital odometer for my scooter, with a Microchip PIC (software not complete).

December 2004

alim_LM317+MJ4502.jpg (72460 byte)

12V 8A power supply.

February 2005

alim_centr.jpg (69585 byte)

Centralized power supply with backup battery.

February 2005

pixie2_iq0qp.jpg (165672 byte)

Pixie2 CW rtx QRP 1W.

March 2005

Ni-Mh battery charger.

April 2005

cassa_audio_dentroATX.jpg (56221 byte)

Audio speaker box with amplifier.

May 2005

rs232_to_cw_key.jpg (71286 byte)

Adapter to connect a telegraphic key to the computer.

May 2005

quadretto_irrigazione.jpg (49072 byte)

Irrigation timer

August 2005

Application of a washing machine electric motor to a grape mill.
October 2005

caldaia_tortoli.jpg (73774 byte)

Electric installation of biomass and gasoline boilers for a group of four apartments.

December 2005

generatore_tono_cw.jpg (69093 byte)

Tone generator, to exercise in morse code transmission.

December 2005

oscillatore_is0sdx.jpg (210914 byte)

Tone generator, to exercise in morse code transmission.

January 2006

GSM radio bridge (900-1800MHz) using home made antennas and broadband amplifiers (meant for satellite signal) in cascade.
January 2006

ins_solare_model.jpg (294465 byte)
Solar tracker model, functional.
February 2006

Electromagnetic gun. Let’s demonstrate the Lentz’s law with some fun.

May 2006

Small wind turbine.
June 2006

“beacon” for the fox-hunt.
September 2006

1.45 kW photovoltaic plant, grid connected, with solar tracker. Video.
November 2006 – January 2007

Smart TV. A computer in the living-room allows a normal TV to read DVDs and surf the internet.
December 2006

LPD Alan 507 antenna modification.
February 2007

Dual power supply, 1 A. -12V, +12, +5.
March 2007

Solar tracking controller, version 2
March-April 2007

Speakers on the bicycle.
March-April 2007

Tall bike – welding two bike frames on top of each other.
April 2007

Trailer for bicycle.
June 2007

AM radio receiver, without battery. The energy for the headphones comes from the antenna. The tuning is made with a variable capacitor made with aluminium foil and two plastic yoghurt pots.
July 2007

July 2007

One axis solar tracker controller.
September 2007

One axis solar tracker controller.
November 2007

Model of a passive tilt solar tracker, controlled with a uC. One motor, two axis movement. See it  in action.
January 2008

One axis solar tracker controller.
January 2008

Two axis solar tracking controller.
January 2008

Savonius wind turbine, on the roof of my parent’s house. Too much vibrations transmitted to the structure made enough noise to led my mum to convince me to remove the turbine, after a few days of successful operation.
January/February 2008

Differential thermostat for solar thermal panels.
February 2008

Two axis solar tracker control box.
February 2008

Refurbishment of small wind turbine.
February 2008

Solar tracker, AC version (to control an AC motor, single phase or three phase)
March 2008

Bromograph II. In an old scanner enclosure.

March 2008

10 solar tracker controllers “Margherita AC”

April 2008

One axis solar tracker kit.
May 2008

Specchio inseguitore solare (si orienta in modo da riflettere il sole
sempre in cucina)May – June 2008

Two axis solar tracker.
June 2008

Refurbishment of an old bicycle.
June 2008 (March to June)

Two axis solar tracker 12V (for mirror, heliostat)

June 2008

Parallel port interface to test programs in Just Basic.
July 2008

Manual 3 axis milling machine.
August 2008

Savonius wind turbine.
August 2008

FM transmitter FM 88-108 MHz.
September 2008

Solar tracking controller “Margherita 12”, one/two axis.
October 2008

Modification of an antenna, from 27 MHz to 14 MHz.
October 2008

Stepper motor driver with L297-L298
December 2008
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