Projects from 2018 to 2017

Here is the list of projects I completed from 2008 to now. If you find some item interesting and you want to purchase it drop me an email. Also check out my childhood projects from 1998 to 2008.

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24 Vdc fuse block with 8 output channels independently protected from overload and short circuit.
November 2017
Gantry workshop crane. 1000 kg capacity. Initial structural design with “pencil and calculator”, 3D drawing and detailed Finite Element Analysis. Cut and stick weld.
August 2017
Sun direction sensor for CSP (Concentrated Solar Power).
July 2017
Fan to remove weld fumes goes on when the iron is removed from the stand.
June 2017
Differential thermostat for solar panel.
June 2017
Heliostat to reflect the Sun light towards a window 100 m away.
May 2017
Solar tracker controller, for two DC motors.
March 2017
Sun radiation sensor.
November 2016
Mini solar tracker controller, one axis, for DC motors
November 2016
Cup anemometer and characterization in wind tunnel
February 2016
Signal converter, from sine wave to square wave. For C40 cup anemometer
August 2015
Solar tracker frame and controller.
Two axis, up to 8 m2 or 1 kW of photovoltaic panels.
June 2015
Mini solar tracking controller, for DC motors, with relay output
January 2015
Thermoforming attempts to make domes for my solar tracking sensors
January 2015
Small gearbox with worm wheel, for a small solar tracker.
December 2014
Remote monitoring system for a 500 kW (Nordtank 41/500).
Voltage and current sampled at 5kHz are used to calculate RMS values of voltages, currents, power, cos(fi), also in deformed regime.
November 2013
Fault resolution and start-up of a refurbished Ecotecnia 20/150 kW wind turbine.
May 2013
Small control cabinet for a one axis solar tracker, which use a 12 Vdc motor.
December 2012
Control cabinet for a two axis solar tracker, with wind speed meter that position the panels horizontal in case of high wind. Manual control with thumb joystick, overload protection of motors.
September 2012
Solar tracking roof, in a green house.
August 2012
Voltage and current sensing board, for the inverter of a 10 kW wind turbine.
November-December 2011
Control board for the inverter of a 10 kW direct drive wind turbine. The microcontroller reads the voltages of grid and generator, produces the necessary pulses on the optic fibers to the gate drivers of the inverter.
November-December 2011
Calibration of a cup anemometer in a wind tunnel.
October 2011
Laboratory measurements using strain gauges in various configurations.
September 2011
Solar tracker control board for two asynchronous motors, all solid state outputs with triacs.
April 2011
Solar meter, to measure the Sun radiation in W/m².
January 2011
20 kW Photovoltaic plant.
October-December 2010
20 kW Photovoltaic plant.
October-December 2010
2,96 kW Photovoltaic plant.
July 2010
3.96 kW Photovoltaic plant
June 2010
5.50 kW Photovoltaic plant
June 2010
Wind speed meter board, with relay alarm output
June 2010
Two axis solar tracker with voltage free ouptus
June 2010
7,8 kW Photovoltaic plant.
June 2010
7 kW Photovoltaic plant
June 2010
Tall bike
June 2010
Sola tracking controller for DC motors, with 24Vdc 100W power supply.
June 2010
Digital solar tracker with anemometer and inclinometer.
April 2010
April 2010
6 kW Photovoltaic plant.
April 2010
12 kW Photovoltaic plant.
December 2009
2.6 kW Photovoltaic plant.
December 2009
15 kW Photovoltaic plant.
December 2009
Power supply 0-18V 1A.
September 2009

Two axis solar tracking controller with wind speed protection relay.
May 2009

CNC milling machine.
January-April 2009

Opto-coupled interface for parallel port, for CNC mill.
January-April 2009

Stepper motor drivers with L297-L298 (BSc thesis in Electrical engineering).
January-April 2009
Charge controller for PV-battery..
October 2009

Early Projects, since when I was 12 years old.

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