Introducing free bike access on trains led to 20% more commuters

Bikes taking up space for customers of the public transport is a false myth.

The reality is that public transport which does not offer convenient free bike transport will never see those potential customers on board.

Copenhagen S-train (metro) has shown that since the introduction of the possibility to transport for free the bicycle on S-trains in 2009, the customers increased abruptly.

It worked so well in Copenhagen that they removed seats to make more space for customers.…/x-tra-bikes-on-the-s…/

Public transport company DSB understood that is possible to  increase your paying customers by offering a convenient service, not a simple seat (which will stay empty if you are not offering what the customer need, and in Copenaghen, customers need to take their loved bike along).

X-tra bikes on the S-train

Bikes on bus?

While it makes sense to take the bike on a train (on a long route), it does not make sense to take it on a bus for a few kilometres. Built the bike lanes, and there is no need to carry bikes on buses.



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