Differential thermostat

This differential thermostat is easy to install and versatile. A sensor measures the temperature of the solar panel, the second sensor measures the temperature of the boiler. The measurements are displayed on the LCD display with accuracy of 0.1 ° C.

When the Sun heat up the panel, the control unit turns the pump on to circulates the water from the panel to the boiler, heating it. By default the pump turns on when the panel is 10 ° C hotter than the boiler, and goes off when the delta T is less than 5 ° C. In addition, the pump is switched on for the minimum time of 1 minute (default setting).

Maximum temperature thermostat

When the panel or boiler exceeds 90 ° C, the second relay is energized. The contacts of this relay can be used to disable pump operation, or operate a motor that drives the solar panel (or solar parabola) away from the Sun.

Versatile and simple

All temperature thresholds can be changed very simply by pressing the “Set” button, and then the “+” and “-” buttons. Once changed, the values ??are saved in the memory of the electronic board. The temperature sensors’ cable can be extended using a standard wire / telephone wire up to 25 meters.

Technical data

  • Temperature probes: watertight, 1 m cable, 1 kohm at 25 degrees.
  • Board Power supply: 12Vdc + -10%, 0.1 A
  • Display: 16×4 characters, Blue Backlit
  • Dimensions: 10 cm x 8 cm x 7 cm height
  • Relay outputs: 3 A

Price: 160 €

Shipping: Free (Europe)

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