Easytrack: 1 and 2 axis solar tracking controller

Easytrack is the only control system for one and two-axis solar trackers based on an innovative solar direction sensor, the development of which is supported by the Danish Innovation Fund. Easytrack can increase solar plant production up to 10% compared to astronomical tracking systems.

Easy to use

There is no need to calibrate encoders,
inclinometers, GPS position, date and
time. The Sun’s direction sensor is simply
fixed on the side of the tracker and the
control board controls the electric
motors in the best way in all weather

Reliable and low O&M

The components used are chosen for
continuous exposure to solar radiation,
and the electronics are protected against
over-voltages and over-currents.

High tracking accuracy

The closed loop control system is able to
compensate for all the small geometric
imperfections of the tracker and settling
of the foundation, ensuring maximum
energy production throughout the life of
the plant.

Reduced motor wear

The motors are started and stopped
gradually with PWM technology, to
eliminate torque spikes, reduce
mechanical tear and ensure long life of
the actuators.



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