Thermotrack is the solar tracking controller designed for medium 1/2-axes solar trackers, using PV panels or thermal panels/concentrators for hot water/steam production.

The tracking is based on light optimization strategy, using our sun direction sensor attached to the side of the solar receiver. This allows to achieve high tracking accuracy at low cost and low complexity, because there is no need to calculate the Sun position and to measure the position of the tracker.

A differential thermostat is integrated in the controller, to turn On the circulation pump when the solar panel is hotter than the tank. If the temperature of the solar panel, or the boiler, exceed a set threshold, the tracker is de-focused (movement towards East) to prevent overheating.

At sunset, the tracker moves to East to be ready for the next morning.

The input for a cup anemometer allows to put the solar receiver horizontal in the event of high wind speed.

Technical specs:

  • Power input: 12-24Vdc
  • Output: to drive 2 x 5A DC motors
  • Input signals: 2 temperature sensors, 1 cup anemometer.
  • Output signals: relay to control circulation pump.


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