PLC programming – industrial automation services

We can provide solutions to your simple and complex industrial automation problems. I am a person with practical and broad experience in the field of engineering that can well understand the process of your system/machine and hence help you to define the best control strategy.


  • PLC programming.
  • Collaboration in defining the control strategy for your plant/machine.
  • HMI programming (Human Machine interface), such as displays and touch screens.
  • SCADA programming (Supervision, Control, and Data Acquisition).
  • Data analysis (using excel or advanced tools like R, Matlab, Python).
  • Design of 3D/2D mechanical components, Finite element stress analysis.
  • Hydraulic/pneumatic and electric systems troubleshooting and design.
  • Design and make of custom electronic boards. Schematic, PCB layout, firmware, production.

I have 15 years of experience with simple and complex electro-mechanical systems, which I am able to debug using the appropriate instruments.

About me:

PhD in Wind turbine performance evaluation, DTU.
Master of Science in Wind Energy, DTU.
Bachelor in Electrical engineering, University of Cagliari.
Diploma in Electrotechnics and Automation.

I am a passion driven electrical engineer with a broad knowledge in  technology. Naturally gifted to deal with technical problems with an attitude of concreteness and economy of solutions, I am a strong communicator and excellent at explaining complex matters in a simple way.

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Showcase projects

  • PLC control system for 20-30 kW pitch regulated direct drive wind turbine. Review of electric schematics, design and implementation of control algorithms. SCADA on central server. 12 turbines in operation since 2016.
  • Custom electronic hardware design, for automation of solar trackers. More than 100 operating in Europe.
  • See this page for more.


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