A razor sharp heliostat

In this video I explain how to make an heliostat, which is a mirror that orient itself automatically to reflect the Sun light always towards a predefined target.

Part1 :

Part 2:

The Sun tracking control system can be purchased here.


Comments I received:

Dear Giorgio
Thank you for posting the two, excellent, videos on YouTube showing your heliostat directed by a light direction sensor . Very impressive , very interesting and genuinely intriguing.
I have been interested for some years now in building an heliostat that actually does what it should – I mean to put constant light on a target . But without much success . The method being to use Micro controllers to calculate and then point . But the calculations ..!
Although I’ve heard mention of your approach before this is the first time I’ve seen it demonstrated or described . Its intriguing because I couldn’t have imagined a ” light direction sensor ” – and especially one so small – to be so accurate . If I understood properly you say that you built it yourself . Amazing ! They don’t seem to be things that exist anywhere else or are made by anyone else.
Anyway I was very impressed by your method and would love to build one myself.

Habib D.

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